We are mindbomb.

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Floating bubble monsters, talking octopods and never ending stair cases. That’s just a glimpse into our mind.

We are an independent, strategic design and creative agency that fosters ideas and innovation. We find influence and insights in the world that surrounds us.

You may have spotted the fun children’s sketches which adorn our website and office with pride. They serve to remind us of the purest form of imagination. The clarity of image and narrative depicted within a child’s drawing have a direct parallel to our clients needs; an enquiring mind, immediate recognition and creative standout.

But don’t worry that’s only one rich vein of inspiration for us. From Grayson Perry to The Ramones, Malaika Vaz to Ben Crick, we connect with many views of creators and trailblazers that have influenced and continue to define the 21st Century we live in.

As you can see, we don’t take ourselves too seriously. But the work on the other hand… well, that we take very seriously.

mindbomb. Defining experiences with a clear narrative.


Whilst some of our work is top secret, here's a selection that's in the wild.