AEG 130th Anniversary Mark and Implementation Guidelines

  • Client: AEG

Although commonly known for its laundry, kitchen and home comfort appliances, AEG has always been ahead of the times, steeped in design and innovation. In 1887 DEG (Deutsche Edison Gesellschaft) was renamed to AEG (Allgemeine Elektricitätsgesellschaft) initially producing electrical equipment such as light bulbs, motors and generators. AEG have since produced countless industry firsts including the first electric cooker (1910) and electric fridge (1912), the first washing machine (1950), the first induction hob (1987) and in 2016, the first washing machine that doesn’t fade colours.

To commemorate AEG's 130th anniversary year, the creative brief asked to develop an identity and implementation guidelines which would compliment AEGs recently launched visual brand identity. AEG's philosophy is about always being an idea ahead – so rather focus on the history – we were to develop a mark that symbolises continual innovation and looking to the future. Additionally, a series of events and promotions were conceptualised to tie in with the brand's anniversary year.

The 130th anniversary mark was developed for ease of localisation, providing a simple implementation across markets. The concentric design suggests continuous movement, evolution and energy; representative of a brand that is continually moving and evolving. Whilst the (static) 130 mark conveys movement and flow, an animated version of the identity was created for use online and for screens in-store and at trade events. Distinctive enough to stand alone as a badge/emblem to mark the anniversary year, the ID is also sympathetic to AEG's new VBI for use across existing printed and digital assets.

AEG. Always an Idea Ahead. The essence of what it means to be AEG, a relentless pursuit to stay ahead of the curve. Redefining the category and the experience by anticipating your next need in ways you never imagined, turning the ordinary into the exceptional.

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