Responsive websites for three UK Academies

  • Client: Learning Schools Trust

The Learning Schools Trust operates three academies in England: The Elizabeth Woodville School, Hampton Academy and Twickenham Academy. In addition to making website updates much easier for teaching staff and its internal design team, one of the Learning Schools Trust's main objectives for this project was to introduce a consistent look and feel across each of its Academies' websites. After a successful creative and credentials pitch, Mindbomb were tasked with evolving the existing brand identity to create an online design style that would work across mobile, tablet and desktop. Each site is managed by an online Content Management System, allowing authorised users the ability to create and schedule content from their PC, tablet or smartphone.

As part of our approach to responsive web design, Mindbomb consider user context: commonly used navigation features or actions we anticipate a user undertaking should be immediately apparent, especially when accessing the site on a mobile device. Gaining insight from historical website data, we were able to validate the requirement for a tap-to-dial telephone link (on touch-enabled mobile devices) and a quick-link to important calendar dates.

Taking responsive web design beyond layout and contextual adjustments, the website intelligently serves mobile optimised images as and when required, ensuring the page download is as lean as possible, ensuring a smooth mobile experience.

The Learning Schools Trust (LST) is the non-profit, charitable organisation that operates the Kunskapsskolan-sponsored academies in England. At Learning Schools Trust, the vision is: “To operate outstanding schools in which every student, through personalised learning and clear goals, will stretch their boundaries and learn more than they thought possible".

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