Brand refresh & responsive CMS website

  • Client: Torrin Asset Management

Mindbomb were tasked by Torrin AM to develop a stronger, more dynamic visual identity whilst retaining reference to the the brand’s origins and family ties to Torrin on the Isle of Skye. Clean and minimal, the core concept behind the identity is the creation of a symbol to visually represent the mountainous village location, whilst depicting the A and M (Asset Management).

The AM graphic device within the ID is used playfully as an aperture through the brand execution to frame or crop project photography – the notion being that each project is seen through Torrin AM's perspective.

Generating superior property performance through the implementation of active management initiatives. Established in 2008, Torrin Asset Management was set up to offer an independent personalised service to those with an interest in property wanting to receive bespoke advice and support in buying, selling & maximising the returns from their assets.

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